Shaun of the Dead (2004): Store Employee Meeting


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The clip store employee meeting from Shaun of the Dead (2004) with Simon Pegg, Rafe Spall

Gather round, everyone. Gather round, please.
Gather round.
As well as Mr Sloman being off today
I'm afraid Ash is feeling a little bit under the weather,
so I will be taking charge as the...
Senior staff member.
So if we can all pull together...
Hello? Hello, mate.
I was totally munted last night.
Yeah, I spoke to him. He's only got Henry.
All right, mate. Laters.
Thank you.
Erm, as Mr Sloman always says, there's no I in team but there is an I in pie.
In... There's an I in meat pie.
The anagram of meat is team... I don't know what he's talking about.
Phones off. It's not a social gathering.
All right, keep your hair on, grandad.
Hey! I'm 29 for Christ's sakes.
How old are you? 20? 21?
Hey, well...
I know you don't wanna be here forever. I got things I wanna do with my life.
You got red on you.
Hello, mate.
This one comes with a basic digital package.

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