Shaun of the Dead (2004): Picking Up Liz


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I've come to take you somewhere safe.
We were safe!
You don't know that.
There was two of them out there. How many are there now?
It only takes one of them to know you're in here.
I tried calling but I couldn't get through. I had to come up with a plan.
Oh, you made a plan?
We have to get out of here.
If we don't, they'll tear us to pieces.
And that will exacerbate things for all of us.
This is not about you and me.
This is about survival.
We need to be somewhere more secure, somewhere we can stay alive.
We're with you, Shaun.
We're with you.
I'm not going out there.
Daffs! I don't want to be torn to pieces and if you think about it, neither do you.
I'm not going if Lizzie's not going.
She's going.
I'm not staying by myself.
You're going, aren't you?
All right, Flash, what's your plan?
Great. I've got a car
but it's gonna be a bit cramped now. Has anyone got transport?
Great. Where?
Oh, no. Well, I've passed my test.
I don't see the point of owning a car in London.
Look, just get any blunt objects together.
If you get cornered, bash them in the head.
Keep together, stay sharp and follow me.
So, what's the plan, then?
We're going to the Winchester.

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