Flood (2007): Still in Danger


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The clip still in danger from Flood (2007)

Hey, you all right?
I think I found a way out.
So this must be what Bill's talking about.
Where is Bill?
Commissioner Nash. The latest indications are that the storm has turned.
It's heading south.
That's not the point. The crucial issue is when will the surge lose momentum.
That's what I'm saying. No storm, no surge.
A surge this powerful will maintain its own momentum, and for a long time.
What do you mean?
It could take out the rest of the city.
We haven't seen the worst of it?
All of those people at the safety points, including your rescue teams,
are at high risk.
Do you see that, Mr. Hopkins?
That's just two people.
There are countless others depending for their next breath
on the accuracy of your forecast, as are we.

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