Flood (2007): Bill's Idea


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The clip bill's idea from Flood (2007)

All right. Look.
I think I've got a bit of a plan.
If memory serves me, about 150 metres down there,
on the other side, there's an air shaft.
If it's not flooded we could perhaps get to ground level that way.
During the Blitz,
hundreds of people would come down here and use these as shelters, yeah?
Government put up these massive steel blast doors, closed them in.
Sealed them in from the explosives.
There's gotta be one for this station.
They're under something official, like a Tube map.
If we can find it, get it closed,
it could buy us enough time to get in that air shaft and get out, yeah?
All right.
Run! Run!
This way, come on! Come on!
Run! Keep going! Keep going!
We've gotta find a latch or a handle or something!
That's it!
Give me a hand!
Give me a hand! Come on! That's it!
Go on, mate!
Get it closed! Push it, Bill!
It's coming again!
That's it!
Put your weight into it!
Don't let go of me! Zak!

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