Flood (2007): the Storm Hits the Barrier


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The clip the storm hits the barrier from Flood (2007)

Yeah. Nearly there.
All right.
Up you go then.
Why I got to go up?
I'm too fat.
Sweet. Sweet, Bill.
You do work here, don't ya?
Oh! It's filthy up here, Bill.
I know.
Boss! You ought to look at these tidal gauge figures.
Excuse me.
Put me through to Commissioner Nash at Cobra.
Hello Sam.
Ma'am. We�ve received some new information.
The surge is growing in size and is travelling up the Estuary
at a height of four to six meters.
How long have we got?
It's a matter of minutes before it hits us.
Sam. Patch all video feeds from the Barrier through to us immediately.
Oh, my God!
I need to check on my crew.
I'll go.
I'll go with Frank.
No time to argue.
Let's go.
We need to relocate now.

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