Flood (2007): Worrying About the Storm


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The clip worrying about the storm from Flood (2007)

There you go, darling. Thank you very much. Storm body count rises!
Storm body count rises! Late Standard!
I want to know we're not gonna need any more body bags today.
Latest figures have the storm heading east
into the North Sea, towards the Hook of Holland.
You told me this morning. What about Arbroath?
Sir, the storm is not behaving within expected parameters.
Has the danger passed? Yes or no?
It's difficult to say.
If the prevailing winds were to drive the storm south,
the surge would be squeezed between the British coastline and mainland Europe.
Now, this creates a funnelling effect and raises sea level.
But that's just a worst-case scenario.
Most surges lose momentum before that. They... they just peter out.
Not always, though? No. Not always.

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