Flood (2007): Going to the Barrier


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The clip going to the barrier from Flood (2007)

This is where we are in the back-up control room.
This is the room we need to get to.
It houses the manual override which will allow us to drain the latch room.
The problem is that this room will be flooded
and there's a good chance that all these access routes are under water.
What do you suggest?
The sluice gates upriver have been opened. We're on a clock here.
We need to drain the latch room to operate the hydraulics that will open the Barrier.
Now, even if we do make it as far as the override room,
the Barrier's anti-terrorist motors will activate and there will be no way back out.
The drainage system is only operable when the room is sealed from the inside.
Whoever goes into this room is gonna run out of air
before the door can be re-opened from the other side.
This is a death sentence.
This is madness. We need a contingency if they don't succeed.

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