Flood (2007): Planning an Air Strike


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The clip planning an air strike from Flood (2007)

Commissioner, the Prime Minister for you.
Prime Minister.
Commissioner, I need an update.
Surge waters are continuing to work their way up stream.
Their momentum has slowed but we have major damage
and further potential loss of life...
at Chelsea, Clapham, Hammersmith and Putney.
And the sluice gate waters to combat this surge?
Current estimates suggest
the confluence between the sluice gate waters
and the surge in less than 30 minutes.
It's not enough Commissioner You're giving me very few options.
Ma'am. Commander Bryant's on the line from the Barrier.
Signal's been patched here.
Commissioner Nash, are you receiving me?
Yes. Yes.
We're under pressure from the Prime Minister and the military.
Unless you can give me something concrete,
we have less than ten minutes before aircraft are ordered to take off
and destroy the Barrier.
Ma'am, Professor Morrison is currently trying to engage the manual override system.
He may need more than ten minutes.
I need an exact time.
I can't be more precise.
You don't know when he'll be back?
Buy me all the time you can.
Professor Morrison won't be coming back.

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