American Me (1992): Drug Makers Forced to Inhale Drugs and Commit Suicide


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The clip Drug makers forced to inhale drugs and commit suicide from American Me (1992)

Hey, what're they, football uniforms?
Certainly not, they're space suits.
Hey, Les, don't I look like a piece of bubble-gum?.
Step on it again, homes. J.D. wants a good count.
It's gotta be right. Our names goin' out behind this.
Makes me nervous lookin' at all this shit...
and not bein' able to chip a little taste, brother.
Business, Tin Man, then we'll think about takin' a little off the top.
Now we're talkin', brother.
Watch out, homes. Look, watch this.
Orale, homes!
Relax, homes.
He's gonna get fired.
I'm just watchin' the tube.
What happened to Abbott and Costello?.
They're on their way to Mars.
They ain't the only ones.
Drop the gun! Now!
Back up against the wall!
Who the fuck are you?.
Down on your knees, put your hands behind your back.
Bow your heads! Do it!
You know who we are!
You know who we are?.
Yeah, I know who you are.
Now breathe! Deep!

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