American Me (1992): Go to Meet Date


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The clip go to meet date from American Me (1992)

Hey! What a fine looking woman!
Is it new?
For me, esa, put together with a lot of love!
Yeah, esa. Vamonos.
Congressmen and senators, we don't need a third front.
Read all about it! Get your paper.
Let's bring our boys home to fight those zoot-suited dandies...
that are making it unsafe to walk our streets today.
Last night in Detroit six people were killed and many injured...
when army, navy and marines clashed with zoot-suited thugs.
Nice hair.
Let's just go.
Riots have been reported throughout our country.
Come on, guys, you don't want to start any trouble.
Get your late Times.
Hey, it's time to be moving, ladies.
Let's get Pedro and get over to the dance and off of these streets.
De volada.
What'cha lookin' at?
On the night of the Zoot Suit Riots,
Pedro and Esperanza had a date.
Hey, cousin, almost ready?
Hey, my woman!
Hey, let's see the finished product, hombre.
You're gonna like it, esa.
Now you'll always be a part of me.
Este vato's a fine artist, ese.
It's beautiful!
Orale. And so is the price.
We better be hattin', ese. The streets are hot, hombre.

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