American Me (1992): Little Pupppet is Murdered


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The clip Little pupppet is murdered from American Me (1992)

Are you coming out, ese?.
Stayin' in.
Are you sure you know what you're doing, ese?
You scared me by showing me...
a glimpse of what my life might have been.
That's Lourdes. She looked hot that day.
Hey, be careful!
Don't worry, homes, I ain't gonna crash.
Check that one out. See all the people?.
They were throwing rice and shit.
Look at mama.
Pull over up here. I gotta take a leak.
This medal I send to you as a gift...
for helping me find my voice,
a key to my soul which I will use.
St. Dismas is the patron saint of all those in prison.
He has protected me.
May he do the same for you.
Have hope. You deserve it.
La Primera lives, ese.
It lives through us.
It gives to us. It is us.
Simon, ese, it's all we got.
It's all we've ever had.
Carnal, remember that time we went down to the L.A. River?.
We drank that funky, funky wine, ese.
Man, I was sick for a week.

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