The Kingdom (2007): It's Not over


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The clip it's not over from The Kingdom (2007) with Jeremy Piven, Ashraf Barhom

Was anyone hurt?
No, nothing. Everything under control.
Were there any pictures taken?
No picture. Nothing, the team was safe. Everything good.
I'm taking them out of here. They're getting on a plane
as soon as the Prince leaves, all right? Where are they right now?
They are inside.
Are they?
Hello. Yes, sir, everybody's safe.
No, I'm next to the corpses right now,
but I don't think this is the end of this, sir.
To me this doesn't feel anything like senior leadership.
Yes, sir, I do. I do.
Schmidt, you all right?
You sure?
All right. Don't throw up on your tie.
Want some water?
No, I'm fine.
You sure?
You lucky bastard, Fleury. Congratulations.
You won the hand on the river card.
Schmidt, we didn't win anything.
These are just teenagers. Kids. Insignificant.
I'm looking at one, two, three, four bad guys, a whole lot of guns.
This is good stuff. You did good. Pack up.
Revel in the fact that when you get home, for a few weeks,
your shit's not gonna stink. All right?
Turn those frowns upside-down, people.
This will be pitched as a stunning Saudi-only counterpunch,
killing those responsible for Al Rahmah.
The Al Jazeera is gonna play up the fact that there's an F.B.I. presence here.

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