The Kingdom (2007): Team Briefing Part 2


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The clip team briefing Part 2 from The Kingdom (2007) with Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman

Osama wannabe. Lived in Iraq. Afghanistan.
Sir, not to beat a dead horse,
but if there was ever a time for us to put boots on Saudi sand,
I mean, don't you think this is it?
There's no way, Adam. They will never allow it.
Then let's just ask.
The Saudi Royal Family cannot appear as if they're losing control.
If they lose control of their country, lose control of the people,
they risk losing control of the oil.
And that is not gonna happen.
State Department.
'We are in agreement with the Saudi security assessment
'that any additional American presence on kingdom soil represents reckless risk.'
Oh, come on, risk?
What's that? That's not a reckless risk?
Fuck it.
You hang tight. I'm gonna go get access.
Keep your bags packed. Keep your phones on.
Some of you are gonna get some calls.

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