The Kingdom (2007): Arriving at the Site Part 2


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The clip arriving at the site Part 2 from The Kingdom (2007) with Jason Bateman, Jeremy Piven

You will honor me with your presence tomorrow at my home.
I'll tell you why this is a win. You documented it and you're still alive.
I got a plane. It's fueled up,
it's ready to go, it's got your name on it.
You guys want to go, let's do it.
You talk a lot. A little too much.
You wearing a vest?
You got nothing. You got nothing, big boy.
You want to tighten up the Kevlar. Okay?
All right.
Offer still stands. I'm always ready to go.
So what'd the Prince say?
That there are more rules than just not working at night.
Rules? What rules?
It's a slow roll.
This whole trip's gonna be like deep sea fishing in Florida.
We need more security here before we go on.
Are you fucking kidding me? You got a fucking army.
I'm not kidding you, okay? And don't talk to me with this language.
You pay 700 bucks for a boat, sit on your can out in the ocean.
Crew jumps around, screams, points, throws out fish bait, you catch nothing.
Okay, let's go inside now, please.
This is the kind of radical circumstance

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