The Kingdom (2007): Kevin Being Born


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The clip kevin being born from The Kingdom (2007) with Kevin Brief, Ali Suliman

Yeah, come on! Come on!
Here we go.
Let's go!
Here you go, man.
Hey, thanks.
Hey, guys, you might want to move back!
Is this what you're looking at?
Give it up!
Come on, move it!
We need a hit. Come on!
Here we go. No-hitter.
Come on. Do your worst.
Hello. How are you today, Sergeant?
Sun is shining. Wind is blowing.
How bad can I be doing?
And this is the skateboard that my Grandma Ruth gave to me.
This is my fish Jaws. And he's a really neat fish.
And this is the day that my daddy says is the happiest day of his life.
Can you tell us about that day, Mr. Fleury?
Yeah. You guys want to hear it? You want to hear the story?
Do you want to hear about that day? Well, I'll tell you what.
This is December 4
and we were at the hospital all day and most of the night.
And we was waiting on this little man to come out.
And then all of a sudden the doctor showed up and said, 'He's not coming out.'
'We got to go in and get him.'
Like a search team, right? So what she did was...
You sure I can tell this story?
Yeah, go ahead.
So what happened was, is they took a tiny little knife
then cut right underneath the belly button,
and they opened her up
and then took her hands and stuck them all the way in her belly and disappeared.

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