The Kingdom (2007): the History Part 2


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The clip the history Part 2 from The Kingdom (2007)

His offer rejected,
Osama took to the streets and mosques to denounce the U.S.,
the Royal Family and their unholy alliance.
Osama bin Laden this week
again lashed out at the Saudi Royal Family.
We were tracking bin Laden since the early '90s.
We stripped him of his citizenship.
When it became clear that 15 of the 19 were Saudis,
that was a disaster. A total disaster.
Because bin Laden, at that moment, had made, in the minds of Americans,
Saudi Arabia into an enemy.
We are with you to get to...
The perpetrators of this cowardly attack.
How dare they say they are Muslim!
This is a nation where tradition and modernity
are in violent collision.
The Al Qaeda is thought to have been behind the bombing.
A team of F.B.I. agents prepare to investigate the attack in Saudi Arabia.
The latest terrorist attacks showcase the great division
between the pro-U.S. Monarchy and the extremist Wahhabi militants
within the kingdom.

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