The Kingdom (2007): Driving from the Airport Part 2


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The clip driving from the airport Part 2 from The Kingdom (2007) with Ashraf Barhom, Jamie Foxx

Okay. The bathroom through that door.
We tried to give you some privacy.
Actually, I want to put you in the bathroom,
but if it's okay with you this. So...
And we try to find something pink
but I wish it will make the job.
Okay, tomorrow we will start working.
I will come in the morning.
See you tomorrow.
Al Ghazi.
Exactly what time are you coming tomorrow?
What time is sunrise?
Excuse me! What time is sunrise?
When I open this door. Good night.
That's against fire code.
They don't have fire codes here, Sykes.
You're in the jungle now, baby. Look sharp.
Axl, do you have any more lollipops? Blood sugar's a little low.
Don't cross this pink line. Stay back.
You're real butch after a long flight.

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