The Kingdom (2007): Grant Talks to Fleury


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The clip grant talks to Fleury from The Kingdom (2007) with Chris Cooper, Jamie Foxx

Man, it feels like you got a beast in there, Fleury.
What is it? You don't think I'm okay?
I think you're not entirely clear right now.
Look, you want to go? We go. I got you.
But you got to check yourself.
I'm checked.
Okay. I'm just checking that you're checked.
You know, I got 15 ties in my closet from Fran.
Every Christmas, he'd give me these ties.
My God.
Fran sent you ties? He sent me ties, too.
Ties, yeah. Really?
At least 12, 13 of them.
Some of the ugliest ties I've ever seen in...
Hey, good-looking ties.
Very colorful. I go fishing with those ties.
I'll take you shopping with me sometime. I'll show you style.
You'll show me style?
You gotta get your L.L. Bean on.
You got to? You probably buy your car batteries and your shirts in the same place.
That's good. That's good.

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