Sex and the City (2008): In The Public Auction


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The clip In The Public Auction from Sex and the City (2008)

It was a rare occasion that brought all types of New York women together.
Blair Elkenn was a waitress turned model turned actress turned billionaire's girlfriend who came home one night to find herself unceremoniously turned out on the street.
Oh, my God.
And now she was getting the ultimate breakup revenge:
An embarrassing and very public auction of all the jewelry he had given her when they were happy.
There it is. My baby.
Oh, she's a beauty.
When I saw it in the catalog, I said to Smith:
"This flower ring is the essence of me. One of a kind, filled with fire."
And a little too much.
Let's go spend some of my hard-earned Hollywood money.
And now Lot 39, the flower ring.

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