Sex and the City (2008): Miranda Plans to Leave Miranda


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The clip Miranda Plans to leave Miranda from Sex and the City (2008)

Steve. I just... I can't believe it.
That's what I said.
Yes, it's sad.
But I'm not gonna make it any sadder by staying at a bad hotel while I look for a place. Could you pass the salt?
Plus, I have to be downtown and close to Brooklyn.
We're gonna keep Brady's life as normal as we possibly can.
I'm gonna have him on my days and Steve will have him on his and Magda will shuttle back and forth between.
Well, I don't really know if this question is allowed but how is Steve handling this?
Says he's devastated, begs me to forgive him.
It's not gonna happen. I can barely even look at him.
Miranda, honey, are you sure you wanna do this?
It's just one time. Anyone can have a slip.
Even if I could get my mind around that justification, it's the cheating part.
The behind-my-back part, the violation of the trust. That's what's killing me.

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