Sex and the City (2008): The Wedding Planner


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The clip The Wedding Planner from Sex and the City (2008) with Mario Cantone, Sarah Jessica Parker

Seventy-five sounds better.
A small wedding of 75 guests.
Seventy-six trombones, yes. Seventy-six guests, no.
As a wedding gift, Charlotte had given me Anthony Marantino, friend and wedding planner.
All right.
Well, that's...
Cutthroat. I love it. I hope you're this decisive when it comes to location and the dress.
I found the dress.
What? When?
Yeah, the other day. I have it.
This is gonna be good.
I am so excited.
Here it is.
That was the exact reaction I was aiming for.
It's pretty, but it's... It's so simple.
It's simple and classic.
When I saw it, I thought, "That is what I should marry Big in."
Well, who's it by? What's the label?
No one. I found it at a vintage shop.
The bride wore a dress by no one.
Oh, come on, you know I'm gonna merchandise it up style it up with some shoes.
The invitation is fancier than the dress.
I heard that.
I meant you to.
Don't tell anyone.

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