Sex and the City (2008): Do You Want To Get Married


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The clip Do You Want To Get Married from Sex and the City (2008) with Chris Noth, Sarah Jessica Parker

I'm thinking I'm going to sell my apartment and put the money towards heaven on 5th.
Why? You love your apartment.
I know, but there's plenty of room in the new place and...
And besides, l...
I want to make us a life there.
You know, l... I want it to be ours.
It is ours. I bought it for us.
And that's so amazing, but you bought it.
So really it's your place and if anything were to happen...
What's going to happen?
Come on, I have to be smart here. We're not married, I'd have no legal rights you know, to... To this home that I built with you.
Did you wanna get married?
Well, I didn't... I didn't think that was an option.
What if it was an option?
Why? What, do you wanna get married?
I wouldn't mind being married to you.
Would you mind being married to me?
No. No, not if... Not if that's what you wanted.
I mean, is...? Is that what you want?
I want you.
So okay.
Really? We're...? We're getting married?
We're getting married.
Should we get you a diamond?
No, no.
Just get me a really big closet.
So the other night Big and I were talking about you know, moving in together and our future and, you know, what makes sense as we move forward and well we decided to get married.

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