Junior (1994): Angela and Alex Eat


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The clip angela and alex eat from Junior (1994) with Pamela Reed, Arnold Schwarzenegger

I let myself in.
Where's Larry?
He's out.
Found it. Found it. There we go. It's in.
Contact lens. Just flipped out, right over the sofa.
Who's that?
Dr. Diana Reddin. Nice to meet you.
Going now. Bye. Good, you were right.
Very good. Bye.
Wait, Diana.
I have my own bedroom.
I'd love to see it sometime.
I can't stay. I have to go.
Sorry. Got it. Got it.
Do you ever think about calling before you come over?
I'm sorry if I interrupted.
Man, what is that great smell?
I'm cooking.
You're cooking?
You want some more Rocky Road?
Oh, yeah.
So, Diana. She seems like a very nice person.
Definitely a little nervous, but nice.
You think it's serious?
Well, I'm in a particularly vulnerable stage in my life right now...
so I'm taking it slowly.
That's very smart.
Can I have more of those ribs?
How about you and the father?
I haven't heard from him since it happened.
I never expected to hear from him.
I'm happy. I love being pregnant.
It's just that I'm not 21 anymore. I'm single.
It's a little bit scary.
Tell me about it.
I love those pickles.
There's a couple of chicken wings left.

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