Junior (1994): Having Morning Sickness


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The clip having morning sickness from Junior (1994) with Emma Thompson, Danny DeVito

So embryo three is entering its two-to-four stage.
Today we'll be extracting an eight-cell cluster...
and freezing it...
for induced suspension and development arrest.
Dr. Hesse? Can I get you anything?
I'm looking for any...
cryogenic disruption to the D.N.A. footprints.
He's fine.
Good. Excellent.
Let's get on with it, okay?
What about this?
Here to see the new mama!
Oh, hi, Dr. Arbogast.
Banana, they'll love it.
Mother and daughter are doing fine.
She's a pretty baby. Oh, looks just like you.
Got your ears.
You like that? You can eat it.
Don't you want to eat it? Yeah.
Hey, big guy, how they swingin'?
What's the matter? You okay?
What, what?
Look, my H.C.G. levels aren't where they should be.
Let's up the hormone supplement five milliliters.
How you feelin' otherwise?
I just can't keep anything down.
That's morning sickness. It'll pass. Eat crackers.
My nipples are very sensitive.
My nipples- They feel like, kind of, tingling.
Tingling like sore or like itchy?
You surf?
Surf, 'cause I got that a lot from paddling out.
It's something about the wax and the salt water. It irritates them.
You get what?
His nipples are tingling.
I don't surf.
It could be your laundry detergent.
I used to get that when I used a non-biodegradable soap.
Thank you very much for your concern. It's very nice.

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