Junior (1994): Having the Babies


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The clip having the babies from Junior (1994) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Thompson

We've got a little baby girl. Look at her.
You did it.
Isn't she gorgeous?
Daddy loves you.
I can't believe you did it.
Oh, hello.
Hello, little one.
Oh, she's beautiful!
I'm so proud of you.
Hello. I'm your mum.
Just a little bit more.
It's a boy!
Is he okay?
Oh, yeah, ten fingers.
Ten toes. Okay, he'll be right there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's your mommy.
Look at that baby.
Hello, little beauty.
Hello, beauty. I'm your mama.
Yes, it's your mama. And I'm your-
Could we give it another chance, Ange?
Oh, yeah.

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