Junior (1994): Alex is in Pain


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The clip alex is in pain from Junior (1994) with Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger

What's the matter?
Would you put this call through to California?
Sure, Dr. Arbogast.
Over there.
Oh, yeah.
I should call the doctor just to be sure.
I just need to lie down.
Oh, damn it.
Come on.
Lyndon's coming in as partners. This is gonna push us through the F.D.A.
Alex, are you okay?
Yeah, Ned. Set up an emergency C
section for tonight.
I want everybody out of the building except you and Louise.
You wanna do an operation with just the two of us?
Just us. We're the whole team.
You can't do an emergency C-section without an anesthesiologist.
We can handle it. Bye.
She didn't come down for lunch.
You better call Dr. Talbot.
Diana, please, hurry. I need you.
I'm coming! Okay? I'm coming! I'm coming!
I need the car. I need the keys.
On the desk.
Thank you.
You said to let you know if something was going on here.
Something's definitely goin' on. They're sendin' everybody home.
An emergency C-something. Does that mean anything to you?
Open the door, please.

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