Junior (1994): Hiring Diana Reddin


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The clip hiring Diana Reddin from Junior (1994) with Frank Langella, Arnold Schwarzenegger

All right, gentlemen. What seems to be the trouble?
They've jammed the lock.
Dr. Hesse?
Dr. Hesse? This is totally unacceptable behavior.
Open this door, now.
I will miss you most of all.
Pop the hinges.
Banes. What's going on?
Dr. Arbogast, good news and bad news, I'm afraid.
F.D.A. decision, wicked bad news.
They turned us down?
I'm afraid so.
And the review board has terminated your project.
I'm sorry, but you know, lab space is tight, and money's even tighter.
They canceled the project.
Please, Banes.
I got 300 grand in this drug. You got to cut me some slack.
Would that I could, but it's out of my hands. Blame the review board.
You're head of the board.
Yes, I am. Rock and a hard place.
So what's the good news?
Well- I really hate to dance on your grave.
But I landed Dr. Diana Reddin and her ovum cryogenics project.
I need you to be extremely careful with this.
Lady, if I hear that one more time-
They're very fragile.
I've just got to set the level for the incliners.
Hey, don't touch that!
You shouldn't be up there!
Stop! No!
Help me! Help me! Help me now!
Oh! My babies!
Out of the way!
Thank you. Thank you.
That's not necessary-
Get off me.
Thank you so very much.
Leave me alone.

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