The Green Mile (1999): Watching Television


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The clip watching television from The Green Mile (1999) with Edrie Warner, Rai Tasco

I've made mistakes.
Tony doesn't admit that he's not a good father.
She can't ask nothing. You can't ask nothing. I have six kids myself.
Why do we always watch this stuff?
It's interesting.
Interesting? Bunch of inbred trailer trash?
All they ever talk about is fucking.
and ain't no way in this green earth I would have a father like that.
If what you saying is true... No, I'm talking now. I'm talking now.
One that causes people more is going to let you try...
You're dead! You can't come back!
It's back. The Popeil Pocket Fisherman.
Take my husband, take my kids...
Are you all right?
You look tired. You're not yourself.
No, I'm fine. I promise.
You're wearing yourself out with those walks every day, I think.
Not that you asked me.
I just didn't sleep well, is all.
I had a few bad dreams. It happens.
I'll be fine.
If Madge doesn't care, I certainly don't.
Neither do I.
Now, this here is worth a look.

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