The Green Mile (1999): Releasing Percy


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The clip Releasing Percy from The Green Mile (1999) with Tom Hanks, David Morse

Guess she was wrong.
Let me out of this nut-coat.
In a minute.
Right now! I want out now!
Shut up and listen.
You deserved to be punished for what you did to Del. Accept it like a man.
Or else we'll make you sorry you were ever born. We'll tell people how you sabotaged Del's execution...
Sabotaged? you pissed yourself like a frightened little girl. Yes, we will talk.
But, Percy you mind me, now.
We'll also see you beaten within an inch of your life.
We know people too.
Are you so foolish, you don't realize that?
Let bygones be bygones.
Nothing's hurt so far but your pride.
No one ever need know about that, except the people in this little room.
What happens on the Mile stays on the Mile.
Always has.
May I be let out of this coat now?

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