The Green Mile (1999): Hiring Percy Back


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You didn't come all the way down here to hand me a DOE.
I had an angry call from the state capitol about 20 minutes ago.
Is it true you ordered Percy Wetmore off the block?
It is.
Now, I'm sure you had reason, Paul but like it or not, the wife of the governor has only one nephew and his name is Percy Wetmore.
Little Percy calls his aunt and squeals like a schoolroom sissy.
He also mention he assaulted a prisoner this morning out of sheer petulance?
Broke three fingers on Eduard Delacroix's left hand.
I didn't hear that part. I'm sure she didn't either.
The man is mean and careless and stupid and that's a bad combination in a place like this.
Sooner or later, he'll get somebody hurt or worse.
Stick with it, Paul.
It may not be much longer.
I have it on good authority that Percy has an application in at Briar Ridge.
Briar Ridge? The mental hospital.
Administration job.
Better pay.
Then why is he still here?
He could get that application pushed through.
Hell, with his connections, he could have any state job he wants.
You know what I think?
I think he just wants to see one cook up close.
Well, he'll get his chance, then. Won't he?
Maybe then he'll be satisfied and move on. In the meantime you'll keep the peace?
Of course.
Of course.
Thank you, Paul.

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