The Green Mile (1999): Raging over the Mouse

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Published 23 Jul 2012
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The clip Raging over the mouse from The Green Mile (1999) with Michael Jeter, Jeffrey DeMunn. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

You little scurvy! Damn!
Percy, are you crazy, you little son of a bitch?!
I'm gonna kill you!
I'm gonna take you out!
Percy! Percy!
You little vermin! I'm gonna stomp your life out!
It's just a little mouse, dumb merde.
You ugly little piece of sh...
Are you listening to me?
I'm gonna rip your diseased head off you little piece of shit!
Get on out of there!
I want you to stop this!
Hey, boss!
Hey, captain, what's going on?
Percy met your mouse.
It's in here somewhere. I'm gonna squish the little son of a bitch.
Percy, we already tried that.
What'd you say?
I said that we...
Knock yourself out. Hope you nail the bastard.
Oh, yeah.
Gosh. He ain't in there, huh?
Don't that beat the mousy band?
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