The Green Mile (1999): Breakfast


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The clip breakfast from The Green Mile (1999)

Good morning, Estelle.
How am I looking, Paul?
That's better. That's better.
Morning, Mr. Edgecomb.
Some Danish this morning?
No, just two pieces of dry toast, Hector. Thanks.
Leftover's fine.
Dry and cold, same as always.
Cold is better.
Especially on those long walks.
Am I right?
Don't let Nurse Godzilla catch you. She'll raise holy hell.
We're not supposed to let you wander off.
Where do you go every day? What do you do up in those hills?
Just walk.
I like to walk.
You try not to fall down, bust a hip.
I don't wanna be in no damn search party.

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