The Bourne Identity (2002): Conklins-first-mistake


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The clip conklins-first-mistake from The Bourne Identity (2002) with Brian Cox, Chris Cooper. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

I was recalling a conversation we had some time ago, talking about Treadstone.
I seem to remember Nykwana Wombosi's name might have come up.
I'm not sure what we're talking about.
Someone tried to take him out. Tried and failed.
Was this Treadstone?
You're asking me a direct question?
Yes. I thought you were never gonna do that.
What happened?
Well, we, uh, lost communication with our man.
This was almost two weeks ago.
We've been working around the clock, the whole unit.
We've been sleeping down there. Believe me, we're doing everything we can.
And you don't let me know this? You never wanted to before.
You never made a mistake before.

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