The Bourne Identity (2002): Bourne Gets His Answers Part 2


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The clip Bourne gets his answers Part 2 from The Bourne Identity (2002) with Chris Cooper, Matt Damon

By God, you're gonna tell me how this happened. Why are you trying to kill me?
What happened in Marseilles?
Why are you try...
You sent me to kill Wombosi. Kill Wombosi?
We can do that anytime we want. I can send Nicky to do that, for Christ's sake.
Mr. Wombosi was supposed to be dead three weeks ago.
He was supposed to have died in a way where the only possible explanation was...
that he'd been murdered by a member of his own entourage.
I don't send you to kill. I send you to be invisible.
I send you because you don't exist.
I want to know what happened in Marseilles.
I don't remember what happened in Marseilles.
Bullshit! This is unacceptable, Soldier. You hear me? You failed.
Unacceptable? You failed! You failed, and you're gonna tell me why.
I can't tell you. I don't re... You brought John Michael Kane to life.
You put together a meeting with Wombosi. You found the security company.
You broke into the office. You're the one who picked the yacht as the strike point.
You picked the boat. You picked the day.
You tracked the crew, the food, the fuel.
You told us where. You told us when.
You hid out on that boat five days.
You were in, Jason. You were in. It was over.

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