The Great Outdoors (1988): Eating Old 96'er


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The clip eating old 96'er from The Great Outdoors (1988) with Stephanie Faracy, John Candy

I'll have the Royal Canadian Mounted beef barley soup.
Ooh, yeah.
And then that bucket of salad.
I'll split that with you.
You will? That would help.
And then the medley of perch.
That's my favorite. OK.
Miss, what's the Old '96er?
That's our world-famous Paul Bunyan's blue ox steak.
It is a 96-ounce prime-aged beef steak
and if any member of your party orders the Old '96er and finishes,
everybody eats for free.
Not bad, huh?
Wanna go for it, girls?
How about you, Chet?
People like it.
I'll try it. What the heck?
Has anybody ever eaten one?
Oh... no. Not in my lifetime, no.
Bon app?tit.
Oh, good God.
Let's check it out.
How is he?

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