The Great Outdoors (1988): Bear Story Part 3


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The clip bear story Part 3 from The Great Outdoors (1988) with John Candy, Ian Giatti

So I raised the rifle, I took aim and I fired.
You wasted her?
No, Benny.
A shotgun's not going to kill that.
What happened?
The buckshot shaved the hair clean off the top of its head.
It ran off. We never saw it again.
I hear from my uncle now and then...
and he'd tell us about the baldheaded killer bear in the area.
The baldheaded killer bear...
of Clare County.
Is she still around?
Oh! No, no. That bear's gone.
Well, she may be out there.
Crazy, bloodthirsty as ever.
So when you go to bed tonight...
if you hear a noise...
whatever you do...
don't look out the window.
Because it might be a bear!
Christ! I'm half-drunk here, Chet!
Are you trying to give me nightmares?
Come on.
I can't believe you, Dad!
Benny, honey.
Thank you!
I'm 25 pounds overweight, I don't need a blast to the ticker like that!
Really inappropriate, Chet.
What? It was a story. Come on.
Oh, come on. It was a kind of true story.
Part of it happened. I just embellished a bit. Come on!
What? What is that look?
So now I get the look? I was just trying to have fun.
Oh, God!
So I made the fangs a little bigger. Jeez!

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