The Last Starfighter (1984): the Gunstar


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The clip the Gunstar from The Last Starfighter (1984)

Is this my Gunstar?
This is a prototype
different from the other ships.
She has a greater range, more power, and a slight weapons modification.
And of course, she's got deflective plating...
so she can withstand several direct hits.
From here...
this is where I navigate the ship, maintain life support and propulsion systems.
Okay. Where do I sit?
Way up there, in the gunnery chair.
Hang on!
Now, climb into the gunnery chair.
Now, I'm moving you into launch position.
There in front of you are the two switches for your heads-up display. Turn them on.
While you're engaging the enemy, the screen will reflect all battle instruments toward you.
Hey, where did it go?
It's still there, suspended in a Xenon mist.
But it's only visible if you look dead ahead.
Ah. Got it.
The lever on your left is the chair controller.
As you can see, all guns will track with your every move.
Grasp the target control with your right hand.
At your fingers is the weaponry: the lasers, photon bolts-
Photon bolts and the particle beams. Wait a minute. This is just like back home.
What's this?
Careful, that's Death Blossom, a weapon of last resort.
Luckily, I was in here working on it when the hangar went up.
Now, are you ready? All systems

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