The Last Starfighter (1984): a Mobil Cave


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The clip a mobil cave from The Last Starfighter (1984) with Dan O'Herlihy

Nice place. Reminds me of home.
This reminds you of home?
Oh, yes.
I live below ground...
with my wifeoid and 6,000 little Griglings.
At least, until Xur turns them into slaves.
Where does your kind live?
Oh, uh, houses, mostly.
That's caves above ground.
See, here. Here's my family.
See, that's-
That's my folks and my brother, Louis...
and that's Maggie.
Uh, we live in a mobile home.
That's a cave that- that goes places.
Only we never went anyplace.
A mobile cave that never went anywhere. Fascinating.
Yeah, but we have below-ground caves near the trailer parks.

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