The Last Starfighter (1984): Laughing


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The clip laughing from The Last Starfighter (1984)

~ When it all goes wrong ~
Hey, yo, Blake! Make that sucker blast, man!
You got it, dude! All right!
~ You've seen things I never heard ~~
So Blake comes back in to grab his pants, right?
Sees her old lady, and says, "I hope this doesn't rule out dinner on Tuesday night. "
That's my man!
Alex, are you okay?
Hmm? Yeah, sure. Why?
I don't know. You're just acting spaced out. You're
You're not yourself.
Well, if you were me...
what would you be doing right now?
Well, for one thing, I'd be trying to enjoy myself.
Leaning back. Kidding around.
Well, it's a start, Alex.
Laughing. ~ There are things I'd like to say ~~

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