The Last Starfighter (1984): Meeting Grig


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The clip meeting Grig from The Last Starfighter (1984)

Now, Starfighters, if you will reach underneath your seats...
you will find a packet which contains one hand trans-
This is a restricted area off-limits to-
My apologies, Starfighter.
Star Navigator First Class Grig at your service, sir!
Hi. I'm Alex Rogan. I was playing this game back home, and this guy came up to me.
Only he's not a guy. He's an alien, right?
And I get into his car. Only it's not a car. It's a spaceship.
And, uh- There's been a big mistake.
Am I to understand you're actually declining the honor of becoming a Starfighter?
You got it.
For eons, all creatures have dreamt of being Starfighters.
Where you from?
And we're not at war with anybody except each other.
Earth? Earth isn't a formal member of the Star League...
and isn't due to be approached until it matures.
This is all highly irregular.
Tell me. Who recruited you?
There he is. That's him!
Centauri. I might have known.

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