Amazon Women on the Moon (1987): Amazon Women on the Moon Part III


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The clip Amazon Women on the Moon part III from Amazon Women on the Moon (1987) with Joey Travolta, Steve Forrest

We now return to our feature...
starring Greta Van Zandt and Lyle Talbot.
There will be no further interruptions.
This looks like the remains of some ancient culture.
Steve, I said some things back there that I shouldn't have.
Anyway, thanks for saving me from that dinosaur.
Forget it. Hey, would you get a load of this joint?
This throne is still warm.
Where are you going?
I forgot somethin' back on the ship.
What? I forgot to stay there.
We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.
We are experiencing techn...
I demand that you set us free, Queen Lara.
We are on an official mission from the planet Earth.
Ha! "Planet Earth. "
Is that what you call that pitiful ball hanging in the sky?
You wouldn't say that if you saw Jane Russell or the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Silence, swine,
or you will suffer the same fate as your friend.
I intend to file a protest in the death of Blackie!
He dared to enter the sacred temple and steal the precious moonstones.
But feeding him to giant spiders without the benefit of counsel...
is not the way we do things in America.
Boy, I never thought I'd be so miserable...
surrounded by beautiful dames.
Cut the gags, Butch. We're in enough trouble.
What's she lookin' at? She acts like she's never seen a man before.

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