Amazon Women on the Moon (1987): First Lady of the Evening


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The clip First Lady of the Evening from Amazon Women on the Moon (1987) with Larry Hankin

Hello, I'm Henry Silva.
Ever since the ocean liner Titanic sunk on her maiden voyage in 1912,
people have asked, "How did it happen?"
Join me...
as we dramatically recreate... ? Nearer ?
the sinking of the great ocean liner Titanic. ? My God, to thee ?
Bullshit or not?
You be the judge, here on this station.
From the pen of America's wealthiest author,
Irving Sidney, the man who gave us...
The best-sellers, Irving Sidney's The Naked Virgin...
And Irving Sidney's The Power and the Flesh,
comes Irving Sidney's sizzling new blockbuster...
Hey, baby.
Long time no see, huh?
There must be some mistake. Come on. Who are ya kiddin'?
It's me. It's Bert.
Look, I'm in town with the textile convention,
and I thought maybe we could, uh, you know, party!
I don't do that anymore. Oh...
You better get out of here before you wake the president.
When President Harrison Chandler was married in the White House,
it was the social event of the decade.
The courageous president...
and his beautiful new bride.
But she possessed a secret that could shatter her dreams...
and topple a government.
I'll meet you in the Lincoln Room in five minutes.
She was forced to live a lie...
when her sins came back to haunt her.
She was "first lady of the evening. "
Irving Sidney's 1st Lady of the Evening.
A Magnet paperback in easy-to-read type with no big words.

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