Amazon Women on the Moon (1987): Reckless Youth Part II


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The clip Reckless Youth part II from Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

what did you do?
I made another foolish blunder.
I married my high school sweetheart, Ken.
My shameful affliction was exposed at last...
when Ken began showing symptoms of the disease.
Good-bye, honey. I'm going to work.
Ken, what's wrong? My eyes.
Had my sinful ways caught up with me?
Had I inflicted Ken with my secret shame?
Ken's vision began to affect his work.
Mike! Sorry!
Ah, today's reckless youth,
with your fast roadsters and your rumble seats.
I want to show you something, Mary Brown, for your own good.
Take a look at the germs that have ravaged your system.
Come now with me to the clinic.
[Moaning, Chattering, Muffled]
What you are going to see here is not pleasant.
I didn't realize we had such specialized clinics here in Iowa.
When science is on the march, nothing can stand in its way.
Who is that pitiful creature?
Let's call him...
Pete Jones.
Pete's first troubles were with smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.
Weren't they, Pete?
Get back! We don't have any cigarettes!

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