Amazon Women on the Moon (1987): Bullshit or Not


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The clip Bullshit or Not from Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

Extraterrestrials. Strange phenomena.
Missing persons. Lost continents.
Myths and monsters.
We examine these mysteries to determine...
are they bullshit or not?
London's West End.
Here, in the winter of 1888,
a series of bizarre and violent murders occurred,
which remain unsolved to this very day.
Jack the Ripper.
Was he a prosperous London surgeon?
Perhaps a member of British royalty.
Well, our Bullshit team has unearthed...
spectacular new evidence which suggests...
that Jack the Ripper was, in fact,
the Loch Ness Monster.
Is it possible that Nessie...
murdered five streetwalkers before returning to Loch Ness?
Using undiscovered evidence,
we've pieced together the events leading up to the first murder.
Although this is a Bullshit reenactment,
it may have happened just this way.
Hello, dearie. Show you a good time for a quid.
Throw the wife in for free. Oh, gents.
Don't you want a girl to keep you warm tonight?
Me mum told me there would be nights like this.
Oh, my!
You are a big one, now, aren't you?
Come on, darlin'.

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