Mamma Mia! (2008): the Hotel


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The clip the hotel from Mamma Mia! (2008) with Christine Baranski, Julie Walters

You should have brought the iron lung.
Why did I wear stilettos?
Oh, my God!
Auntie Rosie!
Hey, hey!
Look at Sophie. She's gotten so beautiful!
I know.
Come here to me.
Sophie Sheridan, you get more gorgeous every time I see you. You do.
I bet you don't remember me.
Not with all that plastic surgery.
Of course I do, Auntie Tanya. You haven't changed at all.
Look at my baby, her whole life ahead of her.
Oh, please, I'm getting married. I'm not joining a convent!
She's feisty. I love that.
She's a chip off the old block.
If she were more like me, she wouldn't be getting married at 20.
Or married at all.
I meant to get the laundry down before you came.
Tanya's going home!
And you'd think with all this new technology, they would figure out a machine that would make the beds.
And if they did, you'd be going along behind it, making them again.
I know you, Mom.
But I am good at modern... Tell them about the Internets.
He's gonna put me on the line.
I'm designing a website.
I just think this place has so much potential, and no one knows we're here.
So, if I market it really, really well, then, hopefully, people will come flooding in.
We just want this to be the ultimate romantic destination.
This was once supposed to be the site of Aphrodite's fountain, you know, the goddess of love. And if you drank the water, you were supposed to find true love and perfect happiness.
I'll have a glass of that.

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