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The clip Honey Honey from Mamma Mia! (2008)

Stop it!
"Sam's the one. I know he is.
"I've never felt like this before."
Honey, honey
How he thrills me Honey, honey
Honey, honey
Nearly kills me Honey, honey
I've heard about him before
I wanted to know some more
And now I know what they mean
He's a love machine
Oh, he makes me dizzy
Honey, honey Let me feel it
Honey, honey
Honey, honey Don't conceal it
Honey, honey
The way that you kiss good night
The way that you kiss me good night
The way that you hold me tight
The way that you're holding me tight
I feel like I wanna sing
When you do your thing
So this guy Sam's your father!
The plot thickens.
"All this time, Sam's been telling me he loves me,
"and now he's announced that he's engaged,
"so he's gone home to get married,
"and I'm never going to see him again."
Poor Donna.
"August 4th. What a night!
"Bill rented a motorboat, and I took him over to the little island."
Bill? Sophie, wait.
Hang on.
"Though I'm still obsessed with Sam,
"Bill's so wild. He's such a funny guy.
"One thing led to another,
"and dot, dot, dot."
"August 11th. Harry turned up, out of the blue,
"so I said I'd show him the island.
"He's so sweet and understanding, I couldn't help it and
"dot, dot, dot!"
Dot, dot, dot!
Oh, my God!
Here come the bridesmaids.

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