Mamma Mia! (2008): Chiquitita Part 2


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The clip Chiquitita Part 2 from Mamma Mia! (2008) with Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski

And the pain will end
You will have no time for grieving
Chiquitita, you and I cry
But the sun is still in the sky
And shining above you
Let me hear you sing once more
Like you did before
Sing a new song, Chiquitita
Try once more
Like I did before
Sing a new song
It's her dad.
Whose dad?
Sophie's dad.
Remember how I said it was Sam? Sam the architect, who had to go home to get married?
I'm not sure that it was him, because there were two other guys around the same time.
Donna Sheridan. You shady lady.
Why didn't you tell us?
Well, I never knew that I would ever, ever have to.
I never imagined I'd see all three of them in my old goat-house the day before my daughter's wedding!
The old goat-house?
The old goat-house?
No! No! Wait!
Rosie! Tanya!
Wait a minute! Don't let them hear you!
There's no one here.
Are you sure?
Of course I'm sure!
Do you think I would forget my daughter's dads?
They were all here. Sam Carmichael,
Bill Anderson and Harry "Head Banger."

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