Superman Returns (2006): Luthor's Model City


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The clip Luthor's model city from Superman Returns (2006) with Parker Posey, Kevin Spacey

This place is so tacky. Why are we back here?
Kitty, while you were doing your nails and ordering fur coats online I was busy unlocking the secrets of one of the most advanced civilizations in the universe.
Weren't there two of those?
You see, unlike our clunky earthbound forms of construction the technology on Krypton, Superman's home world was based on manipulating the growth of crystals.
Sounds like hocus-pocus to me.
Well, naturally, to the primitive mind, any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic.
But imagine: cities, vehicles, weapons entire continents all grown.
To think that one could create a new world with such a simple little object.
It's like a seed.
And all it needs is water.
Like Sea-Monkeys.
Exactly, Kitty.
Like Sea-Monkeys.
Clark has been doing a little soul-searching for the last couple years.

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