Jarhead (2005): Burn Shitters


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The clip burn shitters from Jarhead (2005) with Jake Gyllenhaal

Instructions for the effective burning of shitters.
The Marine will need the following:
One metal fence post, one pair of welder's gloves...
Five gallons of diesel fuel, and one box of matches.
Hold it right there, Marine.
So you are the fucking idiot who tried to burn down my camp.
Yes, sir.
Stick that back in there.
It's already full of diesel fuel, sir.
I don't care if it's full of Chanel No. 5.
I'm not going to the other side of this camp for my morning glory.
Stick that fucker back in there.
I'm waiting.
I left you a little gift in there.
Not too hard, not too soft.
Thank you, sir.
Happy holidays, Private.

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