Jarhead (2005): Sear Flesh


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The clip sear flesh from Jarhead (2005) with Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard

What the fuck is this, man?
Bet it smells good, man.
She sent it back, man.
Sent it back like you send back a ring.
What did she write?
"I'll always love you, Kristina. "
What's the fucking problem, then?
Nothing stays the same, Swoff.
Not our girlfriends, not our families, not anyone.
Time doesn't stop back in the real world...
'cause we're about to go in the shit. We're Marines.
Nobody gives a rat's ass. No, we're jarheads.
Yeah, what the fuck do you know?
I know you're a fucking jarhead, and that's all I need to know.
Hey, jarhead, what's the Marine Corps birthday?
Marine Corps birthday? November 10th, 1775.
Older than the USA. Fucking A.
Birthplace? Tun Tavern, Philadelphia.
That's the city of brotherly love.
A. Tarawa?
Bloodiest battle of World War II.
Dan Daly?
Killed 37 Chinese by hand during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.
The greatest weapon on earth? The Marine and his rifle!
You wanna win your fucking war?
Get the brand! Get the brand! Now! Now! Now!
Get him down!
He's yours.
You earned it, man.

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